Shunde Wah Fai
About Us

Foshan Shunde Wah Fai Gordage Weaving Fty., Ltd. was founded in 1990, is a professional production of various types of weaving rope of the wholly foreign-owned enterprises. The company is located in Shunde District of Foshan City, Lunjiao town sheep amount of industrial areas, self-built plant area of 4,000 square meters, with Taiwan imported computer jacquard ribbon machine, needle machine, no bra, twister and other looms more than 2,000 Taiwan, As well as supporting a full set of environmental dyeing dyeing equipment. Products include: Elastic rope, backpack belt, strap, cell phone belt, belt, pet lace, shoelaces, wax line, the monthly output of 100-150 tons, the products are sold around the world, the main market in Japan and Europe, Excellent quality, reasonable price to win the trust of our customers.

"Quality is the life of the enterprise". Companies adhere to their own development, constantly updated products, enhance the grade, to meet market demand. The company in 2000 in Hong Kong to set up a "South China rope company" to grasp the international market trends, feedback market information, to play the two functional advantages, in order to make products better integrated into the world trend, to maintain marketability, enhance ; The majority of customers to provide better quality more attentive service. Welcome to your visit and guidance; Huahui company is willing to go hand in hand with customers at home and abroad, create brilliant!

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